Brook Jensen

I am a writer and narrative designer interested in crafting meaningful experiences that linger long after the game is closed. I'm interested in interpersonal relationships, history, political conflicts and how the actors within these try to understand themselves.

My portfolio below includes video games, interactive fiction, and prose dealing with themes ranging from the nature of heroism to forcing oneself through an awful breakup. My work experience across these projects includes world building, research (historical and present), drafting design documents, and writing interactive dialogue in a variety of scripting languages.

Each page includes links to the games, trailers, let's plays, as well as details about my role and a brief overview of some of the challenges each project presented. A collected sample of my writing in PDF format can also be downloaded below along with my resume.

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Blue Prelude

Work in Progress, Interactive Fiction

Lead Writer, Designer

It's You: A Breakup Story

Released, Video Game, Unity, Steam

Lead Writer, Designer

Emerge 18

Short Story, Science Fiction


Grofast Industries

Released, Twine, Science Fiction


In A Flash

Video Game, Unity, Mystery

Writer, Designer

Choices Don't Matter

Essay, Choices, Dragon Age

Essay on First Person Scholar

We're All Going to Die

Released, Video Game, Unity

Writer, Designer